Fuentes fans discovered Fuentes through Dave Smith

In a clip from a recent episode of Fuentes' show, a fan write in the following:

“Discovered your content from your interviews with Dave Smith. Been a big fan since. Wondering what your thoughts are on him and the idea or working with right-wing, paleo-libertarians?”

Fuentes answered: “I think there’s a lot of overlap… We disagree on libertarianism, but I used to be a libertarian so I get it... me and Dave Smith agree on a lot”

What is further interesting to Rebel Rabbits is within ~2 minutes of praising Dave Smith, Fuentes felt the relevance to address the fact that Dave Smith is jewish:

  • “People will ask me, ‘you think Jews can’t be impartial’? And I would point say ‘Here’s a guy who happens to be Jewish, but clearly has this assimilated identity… He doesn’t see me as genocidal. He sees me as a reasonable person...  he doesn’t resent me for being white or my ancestors for anti-semitism’”
  • Repeat later: “People will ask me, ‘you think Jews can’t be impartial’? And I would say, ‘No, but often they’re not. And that has consequences. And that’s largely the case today with most people’”

To Rebel Rabbits, this implies that Fuentes views Jews as largely problematic, for reasons undiscussed here, but views Dave as a good one because he has an "assimilated identity" which means he doesn't behave like a normal Jewish person.


Dave Smith

Dave Smith is a stand-up comedian and self-identified libertarian. He hosts a podcast, Part of the Problem, where he occasionally hosts controversial guests and expresses comfort having uncomfortable and non-politically correct conversations to find the truth on an issue.

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